Classrooms and laboratories

Educational activities are carried out according to programs developed in accordance with the requirements of curricula and educational standards of WHO. Innovative teaching methods and tools are widely used in the educational process: problem-based and complex lectures, evidence-based medicine, interactive teaching and video and multimedia equipment.A necessary condition for mastering and continuous improvement of practical […]

Research work

Research work:• organization of research, scientific-practical and experimental work of the department;• development and implementation of the results of scientific and experimental research into the educational process;• participation of members of the department in scientific, scientific and practical conferences, seminars and symposiums;• participation in the development and implementation of scientific projects, grants and competitions;

Discipline — AMC

Disciplines: Disciplines: Infectious diseases Dermatovenerology Phthisiopulmonology Tropical medicine HIV Educational and methodical complex: On methodical work: continuous improvement of the teaching and methodological activities of the members of the department; improving the quality of educational and methodological support of the educational process; development of recommendations on the use of new and progressive learning technologies; participation […]

Studying process

Curriculum: Curriculum Medical business (6 years) 2021. Work plan of the department Curriculum LD 6 years 2021 Curriculum LD 5 years 2021 Subsequence: The sequence of disciplines for 2021-2022 academic years . LD sequence 5 years 2021-2022 LD sequence 6 years 2021-2022 Educational schedules:  Calendar schedule 8th semester 4th year  Calendar schedule 9th semester 5th […]


Otorova Asel Anarbekovna Head of the Department Usenova Kunduz Chief Specialist of the Department Baizakova Aida Assistant of the department Kanybek kyzy Altynai Assistant of the department Biography of Madonna Assistant of the department Imangaziev Ulan Assistant of the department Zhanybekov Ilyaz Assistant of the department Mamytov Kenzhebek Assistant of the department

About the Infectious Diseases

Head of the Department: Otorova Asel Anarbekovna Candidate of Biological Sciences Contacts: Address: 7 April 6 str., office 105. E-mail: About the department The Department of Infectious Diseases carries out educational, methodological, research and medical advisory work on infectious diseases, in accordance with the requirements of the state educational standard. The department was organized […]