Classrooms and laboratories

Modern equipment of classrooms and thematic classrooms is a contribution to the intellectual development of future specialists, radically modernizing the vocational education system. Stands, posters and other materials for the office help to train personnel who can easily perceive any information, work in various conditions, and strive for innovative growth. The correct design of thematic […]

Research work

Research work: Scientific research work (SRW) is one of the most important activities of the teaching staff of the department. Carrying out scientific work at the department ensures the continuous improvement of the educational process on the basis of research and the introduction of modern methods and pedagogical technologies into educational activities. The main tasks […]

Disciplines – AMC

Disciplines: The teachers of the department conduct lectures and practical classes for students in humanitarian disciplines in the direction of “General Medicine”: Russian language History of Kyrgyzstan Philosophy Sociology Jurisprudence Medical Physics and Higher Mathematics Manas studies Foreign language Latin language Computer science Kyrgyz language and literature Geography Academical and methodological Complexes: For all disciplines, […]

Studying proccess

Department of Humanities Curriculum: Учебный план Лечебное дело (6 лет) 2021г. План работы кафедры Учебный план ЛД 5 лет 2021 Учебный план ЛД 6 лет 2021 Учебный план 5 лет Учебный план 6 лет Subsequence: Последовательность дисциплин за 2021 -2022 уч. г. Последовательность ЛД 5 лет 2021-2022 Последовательность ЛД 6 лет 2021-2022 Последовательность 2022-2023 5лет […]


Исакова Айгуль Турсунбековна к.п.н., доцент Конгайтиева Гульжаз Анарбековна к.п.н., и.о. доцента Бейшеева Жыргал Жусупбековна к.ф.н., доцент Уразалиева Наргиза Абдухалиловна Старший преподаватель Джекишева Нуркыз Темирбековна Старший преподаватель Курманова Гульнара Аскарбековна Старший преподаватель Мамбеталиева Маргарита Сасыкуловна Старший преподаватель Алиева Махабат Бейшекеевна Старший преподаватель Исманова Гульнара Абдыкуловна Старший преподаватель Айльчиева Айнура Жекшеналыевна Старший преподаватель Токолдошова Рахат Ишембаевна Старший преподаватель Султанова […]

About the Department of Humanities

Head of the Department Isakova Aigul Tursunbekovna PhD in Pedagogical Assistant professor Contacts: Address: st. April 7, 6, 167, room 120. E-mail: Tel :+996 (312) 53-37-01 About the Department       The Department of Humanities is one of the main structural units of the International School of Medicine of the International University of […]