About the Infectious Diseases

Head of the Department:

Otorova Asel Anarbekovna

Candidate of Biological Sciences


About the department

The Department of Infectious Diseases carries out educational, methodological, research and medical advisory work on infectious diseases, in accordance with the requirements of the state educational standard.
The department was organized in October 2022, which made it possible to optimize the educational and research process, and also ensured continuity in the study of infectious diseases and clinical disciplines.
In today’s rapidly changing world, our society is facing problems such as HIV, malaria, STDs, and so on. Currently, COVID-19 is a global pandemic that has greatly affected the situation in the world. This shows the need to train highly qualified specialists capable of fighting infections and saving people’s lives.
The teachers of our department devote themselves to helping our students achieve their goals and provide an academic base that includes clinical observations and practical training opportunities, create favorable conditions to meet the needs of students in acquiring knowledge, skills and professional skills.